• 28/08/2014
Corporate Day with X-Wing “the mini segway”

The Brisbane riverfront is a fabulous place for a corporate event as Specsavers at Ipswich recently discovered. They stepped up their corporate day to partake in an X-Wing Team Adventure.

Two teams, each with 6 enthusiastic participants competed for the honours of the day.  Both teams experienced an hour tour gliding along the South Bank promenade, crossing the Goodwill Bridge to take in the beautiful Botanical Gardens before returning to the Wheel of Brisbane.

As teams comfortably cruised along, interesting facts were given about the city which teams needed to recall to score points in a quiz at the end of the tour.  Teams also participated in an obstacle relay course which brought out the competitive spirit in everyone.  Individual times improved with each effort and a lot of fun was had by all.  Team points for the quiz and obstacle relay course were tallied together for an overall winning team.

We really enjoyed our morning with the Specasavers team and look forward to seeing them again soon.

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