Buy your very own X-Wing Robo-Glider!

Buy your very own X-Wing Robo-Glider!

Encased in a metallic colour exterior, the main body of the X-Wing Robo-Glider is made of a magnesium alloy which is used in the aerospace industry. The advanced dynamic stabilising system precisely calculates the rider’s every body movement 200 times per second. Its ultra responsiveness grants the rider the ability to manoeuvre the X-Wing Robo-Glider as if it is an extension of their body.

The X-Wing Robo-Glider uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery which charges in three hours, when charged it has a cruising speed of up 15km/h (depending on speed and terrain). It has zero carbon emissions and is highly energy efficient. The unique energy recycling system allows the kinetic energy generated from downhill and deceleration movements to recharge the battery making it a very energy efficient system. The handle height is adjustable allowing riders to position to their individual need and comfort.

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